Active since 1984

Sales & Services

Commercial activities

All commercial activities are being carried out at our Dutch office, which is located in the south of the Netherlands. These activities involve, among other things, sales, order handling, production follow-up and the coordination of transport.


Due to our technical know-how and central presence in Western Europe, Total Power Europe is able to provide its customers with all the necessary technical support and additional decent after sales services. When required, we are willing to perform measurements on site. We have the possibilities to develop prototypes, pilot-runs and to modify units.

Transport and storage

Depending upon the customer’s preferences and the priority level, different methods of transport can be considered. Arriving power supplies from East Asia will first of all pass our standard incoming inspection, which is being followed by direct transport to the customer or an eventual placement in a warehouse or storage at our own office. Goods in temporary storage can easily be delivered when released with a new call-off, such as for instance a JIT delivery agreement with FIFO. Consequently, we are able to achieve extremely short lead times up to only five working days.